Frequently asked questions


How do you select your partner hotels?

I personally spend a lot of time on our hotel selections and for very specific reasons. The selection of our hotel partners is very important to everyone at BOWLJET. When you are in town for just a few days and have a packed schedule, where you stay is very important. We make it easy for your to walk to events if possible, or take public transit. We start by doing research on the web, as well as consumer and industry rating sites. We visit hotels in the cities we offer packages and look at location, facilities, cleanliness and condition, the service and amenities offered, and of course, the price of the hotel. We get intimately familiar with the hotels in our cities. We then present properties that we feel are the best choice for bowl week, typically at an amazing price. Remember, we all have different tastes in hotel rooms. Some of us like high floors, some like low floors. Some of us want to be near the elevator, and others want to be as far away as possible. We love our hotel line-up and will try to work with properties where we have no doubt that whatever your preferences are, the staff will do whatever it can to make your stay wonderful.

Do I accumulate points from loyalty programs?

Policies vary from hotel to hotel, and we do not guarantee hotel points or miles at any property. It never hurts to ask, sometimes I get them and sometimes I don't, it's a bonus when I do.

What will I need at check-in?

Typically you will need a photo ID and a charge card for incidentals. The person checking into the hotel must be the same person that purchased the package unless we have prior notification.

Can I have one/two beds or adjoining rooms?

There will always be a spot to sleep for everyone in your party that you purchase a ticket for as part of your package. If our reservation is for a specific type of bedding that limits the number of people in a room, the number of people you have in that package will be limited. For example, if we only have king rooms available, you will not be able to buy a package for four, you'd be offered two packages for two. Otherwise, bed choice is at the discretion of the hotel and you can request what you prefer but we cannot guarantee it. Adjoining rooms are kind of the same way, we can request it, and while has been able to be accommodated in the past, we cannot guarantee it will happen.

Why doesn’t the hotel have a reservation in my name?

Some hotels have different policies for groups, and we've learned what we think is the most troublefree way for the customer to do it. When we buy a block of rooms, we provide the names to the hotel at a later date. We typically submit multiple lists to the hotel depending on what they require, and what they will work with. When you get your confirmation email from us, it means that you have the room at the hotel that you selected. We control our inventory so that if we are offering a room, we have it in inventory or being held for you with our guarantee. In the event a hotel is oversold, you will be moved to a similar hotel, and the hotel portion of your ticket will be returned to you any nights you have been moved. (This has never happened to one of our customers.)



What is BOWLJET?

We are a family-owned, fan-oriented company that wants to make your bowl experience easy, fun and affordable. We aim to produce the Best Bowl Trips on the market and offer them to you at an amazing price. Please don't hesitate to read what our customers say about our trips and the way we treat them. I started the company because when I was younger, there were games I didn't go to, because nobody I knew was going, or I couldn't afford to go, or didn't know what I would do when I got to the game. That's why we offer inclusive events, great prices, packages for one, and aim to produce affordable packages with wonderful and unique fan events.on go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

How long have you been doing this?

We starting doing this as a business in 2007, this will be our 15th season! Before that I had led several sports travel trips for friends, and was fortunate enough to been able to travel extensively.

What exactly does CarFree mean?

Several of our bowl packages have been designed to save you hundreds of dollars by not needing to rent a car for your trip unless you want to. You know you’ll be at the game one day, and maybe participating in bowl events on another. If you need to use a car for only a day or two, it will probably cost you less to take our shuttle and rent a car only when you need it. There are car rental agencies located in or near most of our Bowl Week hotels.

What payment methods do you accept?

We take credit cards through Square and also use PayPal as a processor for our bowl packages, so you can pay with Mastercard, Visa, American Express or PayPal. We can take charge cards over the phone and we also will accept checks, money orders or bank checks if arranged prior to purchase. We reserve the right to refuse a method of payment for any reason. Remember, if you pay with those check or money order, you will still need to use a charge card at the hotel.


How do you get such good seats?

You may wonder how we were able to get tickets for some of the best seats in the house and why we include it in our packages. We buy thousands of tickets and we buy them early in the season. More importantly, all BOWLJET brand packages include only tickets that we buy only directly from the bowl game itself. Other companies may offer low prices for packages that include no tickets, or inferior seats with expensive add-ons to get better seats. We just start out offering you our best seats, at our price. ​​

Does my child need his/her own ticket for the game?

Each stadium has a policy on whether or not children need their own ticket for the game. For example, for events held at Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium, children that have reached their second birthday must have their own ticket for the game. At the Outback Bowl, children that are three and under are free as long as they don’t take up a seat. If you are wondering, please check the bowl's website, or you can contact us and we can get the answer.

Can I sit by my friends?

"We bought our packages at different times." If you and your friends want to sit together, let us know. Remember that it depends on our seating availability, but if you and your friends each buy a similar package, we’ll do whatever we can to seat you together.